Windy City Darters hosts several major tournaments throughout the year, including the Windy City Open and the Windy City Cup.

We are proud to offer competition for local, state, national, and international players.

Windy City Open
Begun in 1976, the Windy City Open draws international players from England, Canada, the Netherlands, and Ireland to compete head-to-head with Midwest and national players.

Tournament Results

Windy City Cup

The Windy City Cup is open for participation to all Illinois residents, and any resident of Illinois is allowed to play in this event, whether or not you belong to Windy City Darters. Brass and Nickel classification events are available to WCD members and qualified members of cooperating leagues throughout the state.

We offer fair competition for all levels of play: Brass, Nickel, Men’s and Women’s. Additionally, we crown the Men’s and Women’s Illinois State Champion.