Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

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Winter 2015 season
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Membership
Wednesday January 7, 2015
Di' Den
5100 W. Irving Park Rd.
8 PM

Five (5) Board positions will be up for election.
To be put on the pre-printed ballot you must submit your intent to run, in writing, to the office by 5pm December 26, 2015.
Mail, e-mail and FAX are acceptable.
Please read the election rules below.
Election Rules

WCD Bylaws

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 Windy City Cup


FRIDAY ERVIN MOO-YOUNG ALL STARS, 1ST Dan Muir/Ken Hill/Alex Michel; 2nd Liz Tynan/Cal Kuo/Daniel K Siemaszko; T4 Tim Gilmore/Jimmy Stathopoulos/John Stasiowski, Mike Anthony/Celso Flores/Alfonso Vazquez.

FRIDAY EARLY BIRD 301, 1st Carlos Perez; 2nd Tom Willoughby; T4 Tim Barrett, Scott Leavitt.

FRIDAY DRAW DOUBLES, 1st Tim Barrett/Tom Deery; 2nd Mike Anthony/Tasso Garbis; T4 Eddie Palacios/Richard Turner, Alex Michel/Liz Tynan; T8 Patrick Cusack/Celso Flores, Brian McKay/Bill Trapp, Anita Sasson-Michel/Ken McCowan, Calvin Klemundt/Alfonso Vazquez.

SATURDAY MIXED CLASSIFICATION FORMAT DOUBLES, 1st June Leahy/Liz Tynan; 2nd John Downs/Jim Simpson; T4 Jim Damore/Carl Cook, Tim Gilmore/John Stasiowski.

SATURDAY WOMEN’S CRICKET SINGLES, 1st Liz Tynan; 2nd June Leahy.

SATURDAY OPEN CRICKET SINGLES, 1st Jim Damore; 2nd Ken McCowan; T4 Tom Willoughby, Martin Conneely.

SATURDAY NICKEL CLASSIFICATION CRICKET SINGLES, 1st Tim Sheehan; 2nd Joe Herbon; T4 Tim Barrett, Rob Ethington.

SATURDAY BRASS CLASSIFICATION CRICKET SINGLES, 1st Richard Turner; 2nd David Jurkowski ; T4 Sue Knight, Karey Williams.

SATURDAY OPEN CLASSIFICATION 501 DOUBLES, 1st Ken McCowan/Jim Damore; 2nd Liz Tynan/Tom Willoughby; T4 Tim Sheehan/Will Blanchard, Brian McKay/Mike Fautsch.

SATURDAY NICKEL CLASSIFICATION 501 DOUBLES, 1st Jimmy Stathopoulos/Rob Ethington; 2nd Jim Simpson/Pete Citera; T4 John Downs/Manny Vela, Joe Herbon/Chris Rader.

SATURDAY BRASS CLASSIFICATION 501 DOUBLES, 1st George Lisbey/Richard Turner; 2nd David Jurkowski/Michael Jocic, T4 Sue Knight/Missy Nirtaut, Dan McGinly/Sean Costello.

SATURDAY MIXED CHICAGO FORMAT DOUBLES, 1st Sue Knight/Martin Conneely; 2nd Anne Quinn/Brian McKay; T4 Verna Flores-Anthony/Jimmy Stathopoulos, Karen Nirtaut/Cal Kuo.

SATURDAY DRAW DOUBLES CHICAGO FORMAT, 1st Missy Nirtaut/Liz Tynan; 2nd Eddie Palacios/Cal Kuo.

SUNDAY OPEN DOUBLES CRICKET, 1st Brian McKay/Mike Fautsch; 2nd Ken McCowan/Jim Damore.

SUNDAY NICKEL CLASSIFICATION DOUBLES CRICKET, 1st Adolph “Yral” Espina/Cal Kuo; 2nd Joe Herbon/John Stasiowski.

SUNDAY BRASS CLASSIFICATION DOUBLES CRICKET, 1st Anita Sasson-Michel/Alex Michel; 2nd George Lisbey/John Stasiowski Jr.

SUNDAY WOMEN’S SINGLES 501, 1ST Liz Tynan; 2nd Missy Nirtaut.

SUNDAY MEN’S SINGLES 501, 1st Jim Damore; 2nd Ken McCowan; T4 Tasso Garbis, Brad Bouxsein.

SUNDAY NICKEL CLASSIFICATION SINGLES 501, 1st Rob Ethington; 2nd Ken Hill; T4 Patrick O’Krongley Jr, Jimmy Stathopoulos.

SUNDAY BRASS CLASSIFICATION SINGLES 501, 1st George Lisbey; 2nd Melody Foley; T4 Mike Echevarria, Jim Askham.